Best looking animated text in a video

Hi folks

I prepare to launch an indiegogo campaign to finance 200 teens to get a blender learning experience in my town and one of the elements in my pitch video are quotes.

Therefore I search for a good looking way to present them.

Have you come across examples that made you think ‘Hm, good work’

Please, inspire me with what has inspired you.

(Hm, I thought materials might be what makes them good looking visually, but this might belong into compositing. or offtopic )

Thanks in advance

If you are looking for examples of kinetic typography I would just search youtube. If you are looking for how to do that in Blender, I would just look at the aftereffects typography tutorials. Most of the process used in Aftereffects can, with a little imagination, easily be transferred to Blender.

It’s hints like the search words: ‘kinetic typography’ that help me immensely and the reason why I ask.