Best Materials for 2.8 addon

Hi, I’m maintaining the Materials Lib vx addon content in Blender 2.8.
The materials/content really need an update. Currently it’s in nightly builds here:

There’s 2 sections for materials in the addon:
The Templates section, this is not bad but I’m open to suggestions, I made the templates section to make setting up nodes with images and other “need to set up often” type things easy to access.
The materials section was never as good as I could have made it. I’m looking to improve on it now.

Currently the principle bdsf node is nowhere to be seen, some good use of that would be welcome.
A toon shader would be good.
Materials templates for eevee? Nodes seem to work in eevee and cycles, some might be more geared towards eevee?
A skin shader template or set up would be great to have.
Better replacements for current materials in the addons files can be used.

No Image textures, unless it’s an empty image node for templates.
The file sizes need to be kept down, whilst some massive node tree’s are great at what they do, they increase file size too much.
I can/will only use materials provided by the author of the material.

If your the Author of a material and would like to donate it to the project or would like to help, please post here and let me/us know.

Amazing coincidence, This is my first time in the Blender artists forums, and I only registered today to ask if there’s any plans to implement a material library that’ll be bundled with Blender. And this is the very first Thread I read! I really appreciate the effort you’ve made, It’ll make Blender so much useful from the get-go.

I wonder if, instead of asking for people to donate random materials, it would be a better idea to come up with a list of desired materials first, and ask people to fill the list. Then update the list often so people know which materials have already been donated.

hi, the material library is already in nightly builds and was in Blender 2.79. I already have the materials I need but they could be improved. We also have blenderkit addon in nightly builds which offers online materials and image based textures. I’m just trying to keep up and see if there’s any interest. :slight_smile:
Welcome back!

I went to go setup a template for PBR texture setup with the nightly and discovered colorspace is no longer saved in the node settings. It can be set with python, but it does not stay as this setting is now tied to the data block of the image itself. This somewhat drastically reduces the usefulness of such a template as simply a material to append and load images as compared to say, node wrangler’s PBR setup.

Here’s a possibly problematic workaround using gamma to switch sRGB to Linear:

However, that breaks if you change the texture from sRGB anywhere that texture is referenced, or if the default loads the image as linear like with 32-bit exr files. I suppose people can just mute the gamma nodes, but now you need instructions.

On another note:

I had started switching the included materials a while back over to the principled BSDF, but didn’t finish because my workflow changed a few times and I found that node groups of materials that could then be mixed were far more useful.

Today, my workflow functions a lot more like substance:

  1. high poly
  2. retopo
  3. UV
  4. bake geo normal (32bit full float OpenEXR)
  5. convert baked normal to curvature with compositor group
  6. use curvature to create materials similar to substance’s “smart materials” system
    6.1 merge material normals with baked normal
  7. Finalize materials
  8. Bake final textures and channel pack

Since almost all objects are made of more than one simple material, require aging/weathering, etc simply appending a material doesn’t quite do the job I need done.