Best Mesh Swap for a Rig?

I’m planning on utilizing a mesh swap for a character I am currently working on. My immediate thought is to have both meshes skinned to the appropriate bones in the rig, and having a driver controlling the visibility to swap back and forth between the two meshes. However, I feel like this might make an inconsistency in the rendered motion blur.

Is this a good way to go about this or is there a more seamless approach?

I think that’s cool !
At least for the beginning you keep things nice and clean. It probably won’t work with Mblur, but I would try to see what it looks like once animated before going further.

If the lack of motion blur get really annoying, you can always try to make the objects fades out using transparency, maybe a little tricky to get right , to not have both half faded mesh to appear in one frame, but at least it will solve the motion blur issue.

Finally, it’s harder to give you more fine tune advice without seeing the mesh and having some clues about the animation style.

This is the model I’m working on. In my references it shows a curved closed mouth but a perfectly round mouth when opened. So to make sure that both mouth poses retain perfectly clean geometry, I thought it would be a good idea to do a mesh swap. Of course with a bit of blend shape animation to help the transition between the two.

I saw that mesh swapping is a common technique in a lot of Nintendo characters, so that’s what inspired the idea c:

Ok it’s cool !
The mesh swapping seems indeed a simple and effective solution !
So, you’ll swap the whole head , except eyes ?

These almost 2D character looks simple but have their inner trickyness , but it will be fun to play with this little character in the end !

Thank you!

Yeah, in theory it seemed like a good approach. I am mostly concerned about the motion blur breaking during the swap. I plan on doing a little animation and I wanted to embrace the realism of motion blur. I will definitely try a frame of transparency between the meshes if I need to. That’s a good idea! >:o