Best method for propeller motion blur

Hi guys,

Could I’m totally lost when it comes to rendering technics or movements during render…

My goal is to generate several PNGs which will serve as texture for a spinning prop in a game, at various RPM ( so different blurs, width and transparency ) according to speed.

I played a little but with animations and shutter speed while rendering but not having much luck in the Blender Render engine.

Switching to Cycle doesn’t improve things, except I loose my materials and textures…

What would you do to reach that ?

My still render :

A little like that

Thank you very much in advance for your help !


No ideas at all ?

What is the problem with what you got now and how does it look like? Too much blur? Too little? No blur at all? For Cycles you must rebuild your materials with Cycles nodes, but that is another topic.

For motion blur in cycles, enable the Motion Blur checkbox in render panel and there you go. Set the shutter value for smaller or larger blur. The value is shutter time in frames, so default 0.5 means shutter is open half the framerate, which is for example half of 1/25 = 1/50 seconds. If you prefer to think in shutter angles, multiply the value with 360 in your head. Default 0.5 means 180 degree shutter.