Best method of creating lightsabers

What is the best way to make real-looking lightsabers in blender? I have tried using a shadeless white core with a colored halo around it, then blurred in the sequence editor(mediocre), and a halo material with a white sphere blend texture on it(better than before but still pretty bad). They look ok, but they just don’t seem convincing.
I tried looking for dittohead’s tutorial, but seems it doesn’t exist anywhere anymore.

Any hints?

The only tip I heard for modeling a lightsabre was to –

o construct a thin white cylinder stick
o add a outer cylinder (bigger in circumference) but with the normals facing inwards…

this way the camera only saw the back faces pointing ‘inwards’ towards the camera… now from which ever direction you see the blade… a nice glow appears behined it…


no this won’t work - blender renders faces pointing away from the camera black, but not fully transparent (as other renderers do). so however the normals are oriented, the outer polygon hull will occlude the inner mesh.