Best method to animate with armeture

Question is you can see the picture attached. I can do all I want with this rig I made for my Spider I modeled. Yet I would like to rig it as best as is possible. Not just rig it so it works. So after looking at it. Do you know of different techniques and if so do you know any links to Tutorials on them?

Any one know of any rigging tutorials?


If there is a better way please if you know a link to a tutorial please do share. Yet if this doesn’t get any better then do say so as well.

Firstly, if it aint broke, don’t fix it.
Secondly, it’s hard to tell from your thumbnail and description exactly what you’ve done.

For starters, the bones between the spine and the legs aren’t necessary. In blender you can have parent/child bones without being connected.

Thanks Sago I know about Parent Child Bones but I never thought much more then that. I can take out any that don’t actually help the animation there by cutting down on memory for exporting. Freen I did Google it. Didn’t find much. So I decided instead of search randomly finding little if any I would direct my concern to those who clearly know a thing or two about it. So Thanks Sago I didn’t think about that. Thanks.

What about this tutorial i learned character rigging with this one:

Thanks NickDiesel. Thanks for all the responses.

Oh and I learned the Inverse Kinematics. Though for this rig it doesn’t do any animation that would be better with that. So I take it if its not better its not needed. Thanks all for the responses.