Best Microphone for Animation?

Hello everyone,

I’m looking into doing voice over work for animations that are created in Blender.

I wanted to ask if anyone could tell me the best microphones I should think about buying or any advice on buying microphones.

My price range is anything between $100 - $500. I think that price range should be sufficient.

Thank you in advance :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t focus so much on the microphone as the recording environment. If possible, stop in at a local college or university that does film/studio courses and see if you can finagle some time in their sound booth. If lucky you might be able to tag onto a student project and get some decent audio-tech support as well.

Any decent USB microphone would do, from a cheap CAD U1 to a more professional USB Blue microphone!

And build yourself a recording box, they work great and are cheap!

really appreciate the tips guys :slight_smile: