Best mooth results

(JD-multi) #1

If got Blender now for 1.5 year and I still don’t know how I get something smooth that you can hardly see polygons, I tried W and than sudivide or smooth but what is the best combination and how much do I have to use it. I hope somebody can help me because in all my works you will see polygons and I don’t like that. :frowning:

(RipSting) #2
  1. Have you tried SubSurf yet? It’s a green colored button in the edit buttons in the lower left. You still need to press the SetSmooth button (around the same location) so that it does gourad (smooth) shading.

2)If you don’t want to increase the poly count of your scene, just hit the SetSmooth button. If you have hard edges that you don’t want to smooth, try clicking the green “Auto Smooth” button. The Degr property specifies the cutoff point (in degrees) for smoothing an edge. By default it’s set at 30, so any angles greater than 30 degrees will be left hard.

Hope this helps!

(JD-multi) #3

Hee thanks, many thanks I’ve tried and it works whoo finally now I can smooth all my works :smiley:

If I want to make reflection in a sphere on a table without textures only that the sphere is a kind of mirror, how can I do that? I found many tutes about this but they said that you have to use a rendered pictures of that scene and give it as a texture to the sphere.

Sorry about my bad English I hope you understand it.

(haunt_house) #4

it is impossible without a texture. But Blender can make its own. Try an envmap.

By the way, you can control, which part of your mesh should get ‘setsmooth’ if you enable it while having parts of the mesh selected.