best motion capture solution ??


if anyone can provide us with some information about the best motion capture solution “using cameras”

I was thinking about iPi

or using openCV, but this one can’t easily export BVH, and it needs some programming

so what do you think? is there any chart that show comparison?

we want to use PS3 eye cameras…

I don’t think there is a huge selection in that category to be honest, but happy to be wrong. I haven’t tried ipi Mocap for a while, but it seemed promising for the price when I did try it. So that is probably your best bet for simple/affordable web camera based mocap.

As far as I know, your next rung up the chain would probably be something like for $7000ish.

As far as the ‘best’ solution goes, be prepared to fork over tens of thousands of dollars for the top tier setups at least, but that isn’t exactly what you’re asking I don’t think.

i’m foolin around with the kinect and which is free and supports realtime tracking (actually it was made for motionbuilder, but you can get the data to blender as well…) ipisoft seems to be cleaner but theres no realtime tracking… the downside to using the kinect is that it cannot track things that are hidden from it (hands behind your back don’t work… there might be support for multiple kinects in the future tho)

It’ll be interesting to see how Microsoft handles “multiple Kinects” if they ever bother trying. After all, it works by projecting an invisible (to our eye) pattern of light across the scene and gauging depth by interpreting how this light pattern is altered in the environment.

Two Kinects would be projecting two sets of this pattern over the environment. I’m betting this is just going to confuse them rather than add a new perspective for better mocap.

search Oliver Kreylos - he solved the problem to some extent

we have just got natural point solution. version we bought, can capture two actors ( 16 cameras) plus facial capture solution.
it works really well with all apps including blender. plus, arena softwares are really good.
i once tried kinect and ipi as well. for professional work, you need pro solution. naturalpoint seems best choice…