Best mouse?

Hi! Newbie to Blender and also to 3D modeling :slight_smile:

Which mouse would be suited for Blender and I assume 3D modeling in general?

Thanks so much!

Welcome to the forum,

Pretty much 95% (Probably even more) people use a normal mouse for 3d modeling.

A few people use trackball mice for better precision. Some people also use a one handed keyboard to save space, it is especially useful when you have a large drawing tablet.

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Whatever feels good to you. I’ve been using a trackball lately, and that’s going well for me. I’ve also used about half a dozen mice over the past decade or so, and they all work pretty well.

I do like logitech’s mx series with the weighted scroll wheel. being able to zoom in and out quickly is handy. I also like having a couple extra buttons on my mouse. I usually map one to act as the enter key, so I can quickly confirm dialog boxes that pop up away from where the cursor currently is. The esc key is a handy one to map as well.

Just don’t use a trackpad on a laptop for daily use, that will kill your wrists pretty quick.

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Thanks for the replys! And thank you GrimZA for the warm welcome :slight_smile:

When watching the YT Blender Fundamentals channel he spoke of using a middle mouse. I thought there might be a three button mouse to which he was referring, but I assume it’s just the scroll wheel mouse.

For all my 2D graphics I’m comfortable with a basic Logitech mouse …good to know. But I’m tempted to pick up the MX Master from logitech.

Thanks SterlingRoth for the mapping tips!

I very much prefer the trackpad on my MacBook Pro over any mouse I have tried, navigation is much more fluent and natural to me. It is a pity the Blender devs have not implemented trackpad gestures on Windows yet though.

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To each his own, I guess.

I find for a task that is both pointer and keyboard intensive like blender, the wrist positioning is awkward and painful after a couple hours.

This is just from an ergonomics viewpoint though. I do agree that well executed touchpad controls can be very fluid and just as performant.

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Everyone needs to find his own perfect mouse but there are some exceptions that work great for most people. I’d recommended looking into Logi MX Master - I’m using it for the longest time, it’s indestructible, very comfortable and indestructible.

If you’re looking to make a more informed choice you need to consider following things when choosing a model for yourself:

  • what kind of grip do you have
  • how big is your hand (some mice can be too small or too big)
  • what switches you want in your mouse (omron are probably a good choice)