Best news site for Ukrainian crisis?

Hi! I wanted to share this page with you:

Currently we have 2 moderators and we need third one but he’ll be from our private contacts.
There are news from Ukraine (Crimea itself yet not much from there), Lithuania, Germany, UK, USA and many many more!
Please check the page and support us to enlighten more people about the current situation.

Thank you.

I don’t know if a facebook page is the best way to get news about things like this, as most news sites I have checked lately seem to have quite good coverage of the topic. Also the name of the page is a bit too menacing in my opinion.

One post from that page: “Ten minutes ago there was a huge explosion at New York. It destroyed an entire building at the center of the city.” How does this have anything to do with the situation in Ukraine?

The page also shows some satirical images related to the situation that don’t really belong on a serious “news” page.

Thanks for your reply, as the info of the page says it’s about all kinds of info about war and simillar situations. All the info is translated to English from over 40 sources. We provide photos either it’s official or non official (serious or not). I haven’t said that it provides info just about Ukraine, but mostly about it. Thanks!

It doesn’t, CNN reports that a natural gas leak was reported in the building shortly before the explosion (natural gas and propane tend to be very explosive and can cause a lot of damage if touched by a flame).

Basically, it means that the Facebook page is making no effort to check the credibility of the claims before it’s posted (I wouldn’t be surprised if some of them construct false narratives in the style of the Info Wars or Above Top Secret websites)

I guess it’s a good thing we don’t have Bao2’s comments to cause World War 3 inside this thread.

Yes, we haven’t posted much info about the collapse, since it’s not related to war. And the name is ww3 not because we believe that it will happen, we just report about world wars.

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