Best Non-Destructive Modeling Tool for Blender?

To all the hard surface modelers out there:

Frankly, I’m a bit overwhelmed with the current set of options for boolean-based, non-destructive modeling in Blender. At a glance, the popular ones appear to be: Hard-Ops, Mesh Machine, Decal Machine, Box Cutter, Kit-Ops, plus a whole raft of lesser known ones, too.

Is there anything close to a consensus on which of these is the best supported, or most popular hard surface modeling tool for 2.80?

There’s no the best add-on for non-destructive.

Only one add-on can not adjust to everyone.

There’re complement each other depends on personality needs.

Some issues is limited by Blender modifiers supply, like merge modifiers, nodes support.

Some issues about operations , location and shortcuts which more effective for your habit and workflow.

Left hand or right hand ? Mouse or tablet input ? Good UI ?

Non-destructive primitives ? How clean wireframe ?

Speedflow, what else?


First time i’m hearing of SpeedFlow :neutral_face:

Well, from my research, BoxCutter seems the best for pure cutting power. So, that’s what I’m going to go with. Kit ops is basically for kitbashing, adding prefabbed inserts, so that will supplement things well.

For non destro workflow, speedflow is easiest the best addon out there with fluent (I have tested and own, speedflow, hard ops, boxcutter, Cuber, fluent, ABT, etc)


Thanks for that! I’ll definitely look more closely at Speedflow.

For cutting Fluent seems better than Speedflow. Would you agree?

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Been using Fluent for a couple of weeks now, and it’s pretty great. Haven’t tried Speedflow yet.

yes fluent is best cutter addon right now imo. Others doesn’t even come close :slight_smile:

The cutter part on speedflow is 1% of the addon, so yes, a specialized addon is always the best.
And speedflow and Fluent workf pretty well together :wink:

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