Best notebook for Blender?


I’m planning to buy a new laptop for <$750, mainly for Blendering when sitting on boring lectures, lol. I don’t care if it runs Windows, Linux (or maybe Mac), I fairly know all of them.
For GPU rendering only NVidia is supported, right? Or for portable PC GPU’s I shouldn’t bother graphics card rendering? There’re too many choices around, maybe someone tech savvy can tell me good recommendations. :slight_smile:

I recently bought Asus n56vv with quad core i7 and 750M GK and without the operating system. The price is maybe a bit higher (don’t know what’s the price in your country) but I found that this specs is probably the minimum that would be enough for me. I would not recommend long time rendering on this machine becose the cooling is not very good (but this is a problem of many laptops). I would definitely recommend FullHD resolution. I would not recommend buying better card and worse CPU because the current intel cpus are quite fast and mobile graphic cards are not that great at rendering. On my laptop the mike pan scene rendered with these times:

GPU 3:13
CPU 3:00

(right, cpu is faster)

Thank you for your recommendations. I know AMD cards are not preferred for blender, but how about intel GPUs? I heard they provide pretty good hardware acceleration for laptops and there’s plenty of choice for laptops with intel GPU. Is it a good choice for Blender?

Hi again,

As I said, I’m not a laptop owner or expert, but I think the Intel internal gpus use Open CL acceleration, not CUDA (which is what Nvidia cards use.) So I’m assuming that the internal gpu would not be very good for Cycles acceleration, but actually proves decent in other programs that prefer Open CL, such as Sony Vegas.