Best of Blender Artists suggestion

Hello guys, congrats to all that have been featured in the latest Best of Blender Artists, very nice works!

I have a small suggestion for the articles:

When clicking on an image, instead of making it bigger, I would suggest to be redirected to the original thread in the finished works gallery.

I find that it would be more convenient than searching which image has which number in the list at the bottom. We could then simply click on different images that we like with the middle mouse button, to open the respective threads in separate tabs.

I think it would facilate more positive feedback and discussions with the respective artists on the boards.

What do you think?

I have considered that, but it would add a LOT of work to create that. I’ve found a very efficient workflow to compile the list now and I need to be mindful of my time…


Actually I like just having the Image getting bigger.
But it’s still a nice suggestion to be able to link directly to the thread though.

What about adding buttons or links when the image get bigger after clicking?
I imagine this would consume time to set up aswel

Yeah, same problem. I’d have to manually edit every image in WordPress to do that. The choice is featuring less images but with nice links, OR make more people happy with the current format (which isn’t perfect, I know).

Alright, I don’t know how these things are done so I didn’t realize it is a lot of work. Never mind then!

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Oh…but its almost perfect as it is bro! :ok_hand:t5:

Hope to make it up there 1 day myself :nerd_face:

I’m almost done with a personal ArchViz project, but the stills are done in 3Ds Max Vray.
The Animation Is in EEVEE though…can’t wait to show it to the world!!


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Thanks! :smiley: