Best Open Source C++ IDE?

Hopefully, this is a simple question. Can anyone recommend a good open-source, free C++ IDE/compiler for Windows? It is for an independent project. Also, I would like to find a good hard-copy book, for reference. I have a custom, special-purpose, 3D modeling program that I created years ago. I need to update it to work with at least Windows 7. I also need to be able to open and manipulate graphics files. I have been out of this for a few years. So, my knowledge may be dated. Please bear with me.

I like to use Visual Studio Code.

VS code is not open source but it is free and very good.

Visual Studio Code is open source, but not an IDE. Visual Studio Community is a free IDE, but not open source.

If open source is necessary, I’d use Code::Blocks.

Visual Studio Code is code editor but clicking couple of extensions it covers well features found from IDE.

This is matter of taste and tool ecosystem. I don’t like that tool I use to write code mess with build system.

I think that the original question should be more like: “I need to write C++ code using open source tools to compile software to Windows”. Visual Studio Code + Mingw + Microsoft extension to C++ will do a lot. It matters what features are actually needed.

And using VS Code, then you got also tons of extensions to get all kind of code analysis what are handy when doing maintenance to some legacy code…

Eclipse is a good C++ IDE. VSCode is also good.


Thank you everyone, for your responses. This should be enough info to get me started. Sorry about taking so long to reply. Medical issues had me off-line for a couple days.

Visual Studio is the best. I was there 24/7 back when I started my coding career. Now I work with this website I’ve come a long way from learning C++ to working full-time on Java and CSS.