"Best" Operating sys. ??

Short question. For my new (and first) Project. I realy Need an opensource Operating system, on whitsh; Blender and some other open source software (grafics) Realy work good and stabel. I already tryed Ubuntu and Ubuntu Studio, Than I heard Something about Sabayon would be best for Blender to work on.
And I have to say Yes Blender Works faster (2.3) Yep that is the one you can install with “Portato”. And there begins the problem. It is fast but I do not have time to spend, on learning; “console work”. So far Sabayon is fast, Supports (sofare I can see) all my hardware but, I think t is to complicated for me. (or is that just me).

My specs. are:
– Main Board: IntelClassic Series DP965LT
– Proceccor:IntelCore 2 Duo E6420, 2.13Ghz 4Mb L2 Cache 1066 Mhz FSB.
– Graphic card: Asus,Nvidia,GForge,EN8500GT With 256Mb ddr 2 Mem.
– Memmory: 566 FSB ddr2 2x 1024 Mb Ram.

Who can give some feedback?

Greetins, Linusbtu.

Sabayon isnt too complicated. For me it was easier than Ubuntu because it supports my hardware better. Blender is included on the full dvd and installation is really easy. Its based on Gentoo from wich i have read is the best OS for blender. I see Sabayon as the easy way to install gentoo.
Sabayon has a Good forum too with many helpfull users.

Do you have a geeky friend in your area running one of the OS variations you’re thinking about? If so, go with whatever (s)he’s running. Someone who can look over your shoulder while you’re working through problems can be a great help. (Tech support may cost you a pizza from time to time.)

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About Sabayon. Yes is suports hardware very good. but Blender I can only find 2.3 via portato and that I do not find easie. On the forum I only see people heveing serius problems. Is it stabel. and witsh version do you use? Thanks again.

You could use optimized blender, thats what matters mostly anyway, SSE2 or SSE3 build depending on what your processor supports.

Thanks for the info so fare. I m a litle helped And still loking foor more info. But, Fore now this was helpfull. Again Thanks.

you could also try to compile Blender yourself, it isn’t THAT hard and if you do it right usually yields the best results…

ye sure. Only. I want to worke with Blender. On an good (working) open source opereting system. That is stabel and good for Blender.
I am far away, of being able to “comyle” my Blender version. Or even worke with the linux console. Sure I could lurn. But no time to waste. Realy please Help.
Sabayons Portato nouw craches all the time, so that one is “out”. Sorry

on your first post, you mention that you need an open source OS …

If you don’t mind elaborating a bit, would you care to share your reasoning behind the request?
If it’s only for bragging rights, do yourself a favor and use XP because a large blender project (like a 20 - 30 second animation) is challenging enough without the hassles of Linux on top of it.
Please don’t get me wrong, I’m posting this reply from a linux machine but still, there are no advantages to linux/windows unless you have a unique situation in which case you will have to read up on your linux distro of choice.

I find linux mint to offer a quick setup as well as a stable environment to work with. But it is far from perfect. For example, GRUB can NOT be installed on my qosimo laptop (no one knows how to) and getting the bg2200 wireless to work is, well … you get the point.
How ever, everything else is cool.
openSuse can install the GRUB boot loader and configure my wireless but, the nvidia drivers are a pain in the a**.
Remember right from the start that no linux distro is perfect and depending what your needs are, XP might save you days of configuration time that is better spent modeling, painting your textures and and and …
Besides, if you can not compile blender, than XP will be faster, especially if you grab a build from graphicall.org

Good luck with your PROject :slight_smile:

In pretty much all cases but gaming most Linux distro’s are far more mature than XP, which can be a pain in the a**, as well (I’m using Windows AND Linux), and personally I find installing and configuring a novice oriented Linux distro no harder than XP. Remember, he’s actually on a PC, not a laptop, and we don’t know if he actually needs wireless networking or not (which I find totally unsatisfiable to configure correctly on Windows)…

Especially for Large Projects Linux is far more preferable (like being more stable and having much safer Filesystems, and better support for backup media like DVD-Ram)

Apart from compiling yourself I would recommend Ubuntu Studio, I am on it myself and I do even have an optimized build (unless you want 64bit support) online that you could use…

You said you already tried that, was there any specific reason you wanted to change?


Thanks fore youre reply. As you say; I know XP, would be best fore me (I think).
If I had not an spesific reason to want to use an Opencourse Oss.

Although I realize it makes my project only more dificult. The reason I still want too use only opencourse oss and software is becourse off the comunity behinde it and the working of that. All the people who realy give a … about there favorit program/oss. That they even spend a lot of time in coding translating ea ea ea. for nop. Just becourse they realy like it.
This combined with wat the Dutch people who “have what I have” (for now I will not say more about that). My project. Could not only help all this people, But maybe also wake up some “beter people”. And that,maibe could help the Opencourse. Maybe you can say my projects goal is trying to show that “openwork” is indeed posible. Maibe even “opencompanys” Hope this clears a litle why: only opensource. Sorry fore my bad enlisch. Hopeing for some advise. Thanks

I suggest Ubuntu, its easy to install and maintain and its not slow compared to “fast” distros like gentoo.

On my well optimized Gentoo, blender seems to render >5% faster than in ubuntu,
difference between optimized and unoptimized build is over 14%.
I only did one test run with browser and other stuff on background so these are not very accurate numbers.

Also thanks. Well Why I am looking around now is: Because now I (realy allmost) am ready to go on working I want to be sure, I pick the good openOss. And I had the feeling Ubuntu studio is not the best fore Blender to run on. Sabayon is faster yes but, not for me and or my coming project. (stabality wins from fast in this case) Or is there Some thing I still mised?

On the full version, 2.43 is installed. According to http://gentoo-portage.com/media-gfx/blender 2.44 is available too.
I just back from holiday, so this week i gonna try sabayon 3.4.

If you want to go the easy way, you choose Ubuntu. Far most the easies distro I’ve used.

If you want to go the nerdy way, you choose Gentoo or Sabayon. Gentoo (I haven’t tried Sabayon) is fast, but it’s really pain in the butt to keep update. And to get it to work fast, you need to be a bit nerdy.

I personally use binary distros (two Debians and one Ubuntu), and I love the installation speed compared to Gentoo. And the updating speed. I do compile some programs myself, including Blender. But the overall package handling in Debian based distributions is far better than anything else I’ve tried. Those include Gentoo, Suse, Red Hat and Fedora, and couple of other smaller distros.

So here is a vote for Ubuntu to best fit your needs.

Every one who gave some help. Thank you.
I ll let know what my Oss will be in a few days.
Greetings, Lunusbtu

Well. After a few days of testing and calling around. And taking in account, you all gave me on feedback. I now decided to go with Ubuntu 7.04. And not Ubuntu studio. Or other Os’s that were discussed. Thanks again.

I use Fedora core 4 and now FC6, Its easy to install and set up Blenser and has never given me complications., Never failed.
! tried Ubuntu and others but come back to FC.

As said in previous post I use Fedora Core, I forgot to mention that I have not compiled a kernel My daughter and I use FC straight from the box to drive Blender.