Best output format for geometric modeling?

I’m trying to do some geometric modeling. I want to create a polyhedra, maybe with curved surfaces and write the shape to my hard drive. From there, I want to use the shape as an input for some C++ algorithms.

Is there a good output format that I should be using? I’m not doing graphics, so I don’t need color, shading, gradients, lighting, etc. I just need polygons with an inside surface and an outside surface.


Assuming you want to create your shape as a polygon mesh, I would guess you would want to export it in a simple robust and commomly use format like obj or dxf. These are both ascii formats. But of course it would depend on the acceptable input formats of the other programs you want to use.

Basically I want something that will be easy to read into a C++ program, and easy to parse. XML would be good and straight forward, but I might be able to hack an obj file okay.

there is an exporter plugin called blender2java…

Useful stuff, thanks.