Best PC-compatible 2D-or-not-power-hungry-3D game?

I vote for “Grand Theft Auto 2.” SANDBOX! WHOO!

The Sims, Blade Runner, and any clone of Tetris rock, too.

I’d prefer “a sandbox-type of game, where you do ANYTHING you’d like.”

I really like Civilazation 3, Battlefield 1942, Max Payne, Return to castle Wolfestein and SW: JK2…and solitare:)

I dont think those are low enough in system requirements to belong to this post

I also like The Sims, too bad the money cheat ruined my fun, Hundred Swords is pretty low in the resource using, its a great Anime-based RTS!

btw, if anyone here has HS, please tell me, I love that game and am looking for an opponent, since campaign mode has gotten too hard :wink: home of abandoned software!

Knock yourself out, and save money too!


I love the old super nintendo games. You can download a super nintendo emulator and roms and play them on your computer.

GTA2 is a pretty nice low game.

I remember an OLD game (like meant to run on a 386) game called Starflight 1 and 2. You can download them at They’re a really fun game where you fly this ship around and can land on planets, colonize planets, fight battles in space, and all sorts of fun stuff. It’s one of my favorite games. They’re making a sequal, and that link above is their main page.


Yeah, “The Sims” is pretty good when you DON’T use the money cheat much. I hate using it, and the only real reason I use it is to buy a cool robot in the game that’s about $15,000 in Simoleans.

I love the old super nintendo games. You can download a super nintendo emulator and roms and play them on your computer.

I know, my brother used to do that. He’d download gay DragonBalls stuff and, on occassion, download a good game.

PS: Solitaire rocks. The only problem is that my mother gets addicted to it and “Sweet Tooth” (an online game where you line up 3 pieces of candy to earn tokens… I think it’s a generic game, anybody know what it’s based on? I want to download it onto my dad’s computer so she’ll stay offline) so often that we can’t go online, since the computer I’m on is the only one that does online well.

I really like Civilazation 3, Battlefield 1942, Max Payne, Return to castle Wolfestein and SW: JK2…and solitare:)

Like Hiachi said, those aren’t really “super-low-requirement” users. Okay, “Solitaire” works on almost any computer (heck, it even works BETTER on a slow computer since the effect in the end is too fast on new ones to actually see), but the other ones are pretty new games that basically each need a seperate computer.

Wolfeinstein 3d and Doom 1, 2 and any variant of it!!


Geez Sorry! you’d think I had killed someone! :slight_smile: I had read gta3 :expressionless:
How low are we talking about? Civ doesn’t require much…

Diablo 2 is an AWESOME 2D game, its also Blizzards last 2D game they ever developed!!! And you can play it fairly well on even a crap computer!!! :wink:


Blend on, and blend well!!!

Hey, I like Diablo 2 as well! I used to play it all the time… Level 75 without cheating, yeah!

I really love to play old C64 and Amiga games with an Emulator. When i discovered Winuae (Amiga-Emu) i played Defender of the crown and
Pirates! for some days. Now i have more games for the emulators than i had for C64 and Amiga in the good old days.

3 games
Puzzle Bobble (use NeoRage)
Puzzle Fighter 2 Turbo (MAME)
Mr Driller (actual PC!)

I own them all on so many different formats I don’t feel bad about using ROMs for PB and PF2. (I even have PF2 on Dreamcast . . . what an obscurity.)

And Mr Driller rules. He so cool. The blocks, they fall. I am the drill. DRILL!

Doom2. Awesome. I could beat it on UltraViolence with no problems.
I love that game, I will still play it occasionally.

Cube, maybe you should get a SNES emulator and get Zelda or Metroid or some other good game for it. That is, if you own the games. big wink big wink

Ok, you want simple low-requirement games. Well… Solitaire and Minesweeper come to mind. Both come with Windows. More than that?

Well… Slay is a game that I’ve become completely addicted to. It’s almost completely taken the place of Solitaire for me. It’s about as simple and compact a program as solitaire, and perhaps even more fun, hehe. It was so fun, that I paid the $15 or so to register it (though it wasn’t crippled… I don’t even remember that it had a nag message, I just wanted to support the author).

Essentially Slay is a turn-based strategy game. There is an island hex-grid map, and control of each hex is randomly given to each player (up to 6 AI or human). Any time you have two or more connected hexes, they are a territory. Each turn your territories get money for the number of clear hexes it has. Trees grow across the map, and cut back the money for conquering. The money can be used to buy soldiers and castles to defend your territories, or use the soldiers to attack enemy territories. Soldiers need maintenance money, or else they die. If they die, the next turn that hex has a little white cross, and that territory loses it’s turn, the turn after that, the soldier is pushing up daisies (or in this case, a tree that takes your money, hehe). Actually… it sounds really stupid, but just like solitaire and minesweeper, sometimes the simplest stupidest ideas are the most addictive.

Slay can be found here: There are also some other simple low-req games there too, but none were as addictive as Slay.