Best per face texture tecnique

what would you say is the easiest way to add textures per face to an object.

curranty i’m doing a wall. i have a re-acouring tile that i want to add to it. i’m useing uv-textures…is ther an easier way, not that it very complext, just wandering

Hi there alabandit :slight_smile: .

I belive you are going the right way. Currently Blender Game Engine is able to suport a lot o features from materials button, but first try to get really good at UV maping.

When you select your mesh and press “F” button (out of edit mode) and then “U” you will see a pop up menu with many options. Try “standart 1X1” and “from window” options to start with Uv mapping and see what happens. :wink:

Don’t forget to split your window and set one them to Uv/image editor.

tnx i was just making sure i want over loking a brain dead easy way of doing it, that didn’t envolve so much clicking…trying to write a tutorial and it was getting a bit long in this section :slight_smile:

thanks again

You can uv map one of your faces with your tileable brick texture.
Then select all faces you want to be brick(using box select maybe)
and finally shift select the textured face.
Press the copy uv and texture in the editing window(F9) middle of bottom row and it should copy the textures to your other faces.
I sometimes experience rotation probs on some faces but just rot uv on these till good.It is way faster than doing each one by hand.

Dr S

thanks dr S but i Thorgals methode is quicker, though i must admit that your method is the one i used at first :slight_smile: