best physics engine for GE

Hey guys iv been looking through and reading up of physics engines. Some of the top results everyone in other threads across the internet seem to like are… Bullet, Tokamak, Newton, and ODE. So which in your guys is fastest in the catagory of speed and realism.

I’ve only got experience with Bullet (since that’s what’s in Blender), but it’s a moot point anyways since unless you want to do it yourself, I doubt anyone is going to implement any other engine.

Considering bullet physics is built into blender GE, I recommend using it.

EDIT: oops basically just said exactly what captain said haha.

Well I’m working on my own GE and I was wondering what everyone thought was best. I’m leaning more twords speed than realism.

Go with what you know. You’ve seen bullet work, it’s open source, it’s actively developed and it goes hand in hand with many other open source libraries.

Bullet has an option for accuracy over speed and vice versa. I’m sure many other engines are the same.

Bullet is used by a lot of commercial games and actively maintained. Regarding speed bullet is already really good but bullet 2.77 alpha just came out with OpenCL acceleration for broadphase (and i think narrowphase) collision detection, cloth and softbody. I guess this can be considered a great performance difference compared to the other opensources packages .