Best place to buy the addons

Hi friends,

I want to buy some addons that i think will help my workflow, i noticed they are available for purchase on both gumroad and Blender market. I want to buy HOPS, SpeedFlow and Decal Machine. My doubts are

  • Where is the best/safe place to buy them?
  • If i bought one of them, i’m going to receive the next updates from the addons?

I know isn’t expensive addons, but in my country the value convertion isn’t that friendly.

Thanks friends

Blemder Market? I do not buy addons…and right now I do not think it is a great time to commit to addons with 2.8 looming. Just my opinion.

Doesn´t really matter where you buy those addons, but I´d try to stick with one store for convenience.

I´ve bought all those through gumroad, but then I bought autorig through blendermarket, to get the lite version. Both markets work well, sometimes you can get addons cheaper on gumroad. I have great confidence in those addon authors, and I wouln´t worry about them not supporting 2.8

I get mine from Gumroad, Asset Manager and HardOps being the ones I use the most.

As an addons dev, I would say Gumroad.

For the free updates, that depend on the dev.
For 2.8, that will come in minimum one year, you have all the time and of course, since I work with my add-ons, they will be updated ^^

Yes, blender market is a website that sell Blender related stuff.Thank you for your help. :slight_smile:

Yes, i also think they’re going to suport 2.8 aswell, i was afraid to not having updates, but i think there’s no problem at all. Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

Gumroad seems to be a popular choice so, i think i made a decision . Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

I think hear from the dev is something great, i’ll stick with gumroad so. Soon i got money i’ll buy the speedsculpt aswell, it looks pretty great to sculpt workflow. I’m a game developer myself, so maybe soon i will start makin addons to help Blender community as well ^^ . Thanks for your help pitiwazou.

If you can afford it, (and don’t already have it), Asset Manager is great, as is Speedflow. Another I have just stumbled on is Curves 2 Mesh, which brings the sort of spline patching ability Lightwave had to Blender.

I got Hardops through Gumroad pretty early on when it came out and so far I have had free updates for every version they have released so maybe the Hardops guys take a Zbrush approach to selling their add-on. Blender market gives some of the money they make to the Blender Development Fund so maybe that is another thing to look into.

It would be a good idea to factor in 2.8 as to whether you should buy an add-on right now. The developers are talking of a third or fourth quarter release for a beta, personally I think that’s the optimism bias working its magic and there is a lot of project planning fallacy going on here.

2.79b overall is a rock solid release, tool wise you should be good for two years or more, you don’t have to immediately upgrade to 2.8 when it comes out unless you seriously suffer from fomo.

Thank you for the advice, i was reading about them and seems to be the next purchases… Sadly they are a little pricey but at least they are cool

Yes i was searching, i choose gumroad, but i bought some things from BM. Yes 2.79b is a solid release, i think i’m going to keep those 2 versions at same time until i fell confident to use 2.8

Gumroad takes a smaller cut from developers and has a larger overall infrastructure. I tend to purchase there although blendermarket also has a good amount of unique content that can only be purchased on that platform.

Personally I prefer Gumroad, but as a blender user I think we should all use BlenderMarket. Since Gumroad only donates $300/month to blender dev funds while BlenderMarket donates around $6.000 ~ $120.000/year, just my 2 cents.

Hi @nuzzar. Do you have the source of this information? (I am not denying what you said, not at all, I am just looking for informations about the % of donations from these marketplaces to the BF, how much they give back).

Well, they kinda did a revamp on so it’s a little bit different than when I posted here. For some reason Gumroad is not part of blender fund anymore. Also there’s a typo above, it should be $12.000, not $120.000.

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