Best Place to Get Windows 7

Hello all, I’ve been thinking about upgrading to windows 7 Home Premium, but the prices seem a little out of my range, so I thought I would ask you all whether you knew any websites or stores that I could get a good deal on it. Just would like to hear what you have to say.

Look online for an discount software reseller, or OEM software seller, There are several that offer great prices on software.

Are you talking about the 160 Euro version?
Don´t get it, get the DSP/SB.

You´ll get W7 Home DSP/SB for ~80 Euro.
You´ll get W7 Pro DSP/SB for ~120 Euro.

Both are perfectly legit, they just got a different license. Another advantage is that if you change hardware often you don´t need to phone to MS often to unlock the activation again ^^
SB = System Builder.

Disadvantage: It is either 32 OR 64bit. You got to choose. The OEM versions are both.

If that´s too expensive, then stick with what you got or use linux.
IMO it is ridiculously cheap. Given a livecycle from MS of ~3 years for a Windows release, if you use it daily it´s 7 Eurocent a day - I´d pay even more a day.