Best place to publish an addon?

This isn’t about using blender but about using, so I’m trying here first. Sorry if this seems inappropriate not sure where else to start.
I put a released addon in the Python Addon forum but its generated zero interest. Blender users used to be interested in cube-face renderers. I’m thinking that the end-users may not normally browse the python forum? Or maybe my addon just sucks :slight_smile:

In the Addon forum and in any other relevant forums. If you made an addon to export Warcraft models, it would make sense in a Warcraft modding forum. I think most people don’t watch the addons forum religiously either, so, updating your addon often and posting about updates will keep eyes on it more.

It also seems like your addon is a for a niche group of people. Addons that do something very basic like “bevel” will get a lot more attention than something specific for a certain game or strict workflow.

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LiquidApe has the right answer… though this is the correct forum for asking your question.

thanks for the feedback!