Best Places to Share Animation Work?

I make 3D animations using Blender. I shared my latest animation on YouTube, BlenderArtists, Google+,, Instagram, Twitter, 11 Second Club, and Reddit. However, it still doesn’t have many views compared to other animations on YouTube. My question would be, what do other animators do to share their work? Are there other/better resources that I’m not aware of that would allow me to give my work more exposure? Also, it would help if I could submit it to some places where I could get critiqued on the quality of my work so that I can improve.

Thanks in advance for any responses.

Also, I’m not entirely sure if I’ve posted this in the right section. If I haven’t, please feel free to move it.

There’s no magic website that will instantly double your views by posting in it if that’s what you’re looking for. Views are usually obtained by quality and patience. Practice, get good (or really lucky), and keep being good long enough while making videos that will appeal to your intended audience, and over time, your views will gradually increase. Just don’t expect to become super famous and have millions of views per video or something unrealistic like that.

That makes sense. I didn’t mean to make it seem like there’s some kind of magic website. I was just wondering if I was missing out on something that could benefit me.

If you really just want to post on as many video websites possible to try and widen your net, you can always try Dailymotion, Vimeo, or Metacafe. There isn’t much else that you can do unless if you’re willing to pay for advertising or something like that. It’s mostly luck based and dependent on hoping that the right people will randomly stumble upon your videos and tell their friends.

I guess I could try one of those services, but I feel like they’re less popular than YouTube. I guess my best option would just be waiting and continuing to upload like you suggested.