best plugins to get

i just downloaded the new blender. what are the best plugins and scripts to get. i got a link to them but can decide whats best.

i want to do game design and animation.

Read the wiki entry for each addon to see if it is of any interest to you. Only you can answer that question since only you know what you want to do and only you know how you go about modelling something.

Enable the addon, experiment with it, if its useful keep it, if not disable it.

When you’re just beginning with Blender - I can’t think of any at all that isn’t already in trunk (the official version).
In trunk, I’d recommend enabling Looptools for modeling and maybe Dynamic Space Bar for UI.
But note that the use of Looptools will be changed a lot in the next official version, due to a completely new mesh system. There will be more compatibility problems than usual for a while - a lot of addons being outdated by this big change in the next version.

There are a lot of big developments for Blender that hasn’t been merged with the official version… but when it comes to everyday stuff, it’s mostly already there. Imagine a Maya where most of the must-have scripts, addons and tweaks get sucked into the main version, instead of being spread all over the net.
When it comes to the Blender-addons that ARE spread all over the net, there are some versions on that pre-install a lot of them. But like I said - not really basic essential stuff.

If you’re just starting out with 3D, with Blender, there’s just no plugins that will help you out, it’s just a lot to learn. Also, beginning in 3D, there’s just no way to limit what you need to learn by specifying what you want to work with, you kinda need to know it all and then some, no matter if you’re gonna work with game dev. or VFX…