Best possible CLOTH

Hi guys,

This space is for opinions, suggestions & tutorial links about how to achieve the best possible cloth effect in BLENDER (or just hairs even if not “best possible”).

Of course the objective is to individuate the best way to do that.


I hate cloth, expecially on Nichole Kidman (see previous post)


why not kate winslet? :wink:

You suck at spelling. “Expecially?” “Nichole?” (see previous post)


Yeah, I know 8)

I agree on Nikole, but expecially is correct English, AFAIK and AFAMSCS (As Far As My Spell Checker Says) :smiley:


I agree on Nikole, but expecially is correct English, AFAIK and AFAMSCS (As Far As My Spell Checker Says)


As far as I know, your spell checker sucks.

Always remember to put your spell checker on English (Standard) instead of Engrish (Slang) :stuck_out_tongue:


Check the hat in this pic I did. It’s just a cloth bump map and Blue Material colour. The logo is a transparent PNG with the same bump mapping applied.

Same for the pullover.

Hope this helps.


You are right S68,

For the game engine hairs, cloth and stuff like that is not good at all.

I am sure one day the open source organization will manage to create very good plug-ins for that to be used for animation rendering.

I was just asking for provisional tutorials if possible.

Well, actually there aren’t many tutorials on the subject applying to Blender… But still there is one interesting…

Actually it’s about how to use IKA’s and Armatures to animate an effect, but it would still give you a couple of nice ideas…

Also check out:

They have a Blender plugin there that they claims it can make cloth (Topix Cloth)… I haven’t used it actually so I can’t tell you much more information.

Also I think that the Dynamica script ( ) had something to do with clothing also… Check out the cloth_test.avi on the web page…

But I think Theeth can give more information on that subject… :wink:


TOPIX CLOTH sux donkey b@lls. It only calculates cloth deformations for spheres in blender.

And the cloth dynamics were left out of the Dynamica public release, as theethe will probably tell us.

the cloth module was/is in the testing phase and was put aside to concentrate ourself on other stuff (the LF script for eeshlo and the physics module for me).


If I had only Blender to use, I would probably start by using a animated lattice to modify a mesh. Of course this method would a very manual process.