Best Practice Clean Polygon Distribution

I am new to Blender and am wondering what is the best way to work cleanly. I often get into the situation where I have to decide if I should model an object with many faces (which often happens automatically when I use a tool like “ctrl+shift+B”) or if I should always reduce the vertices to a minimum.

As an example, I have modelled a round arch as shown in the screenshots.


Can you share your experiences with me?

Try to sttick to equal distributed quads (you have n-gons). Look at the mirror line (red) maybe two (right) or three (left with one over mirror line):

Probably something like this.


Last one is probably the best since the edge flow supports both the smooth arch and the sharp edges and the quads are more of less evenly spaced.

The question is, why use so many faces? A layout like this would work perfectly fine, and will easily produce some clean edge loops if he decides to subdivide it later.

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I don’t understand. This is clearly the best distribution.


It’s funny because it’s true!

That works too.
I’m still stuck in the car modeling mindset where stretched quads lead to bad reflection on curved surfaces.