Best practice for a loop animation

Hi guys
Is it better for a seamless loop to have the same start and finish animation and to run through the entire sequence… or to have the animation loop back 1 or more frames before the finish animation so you don’t have the exact same animation for 2 frames in a row?(start and finish)

Not sure if I understand you. How would looping back a few frames significantly change an animation?

Hey Anthony
I guess it might depend on frame rate? What I mean is if you have a 6 frame animation and they start and end with the same positions is it better to play both those animations or to rather have the loop start 1 frame before the last so it skips the last frame and goes to the first thus avoiding playing 2 identical frames.
i assigned the number 1 to both the first and last frame to illustrate where the full animation is played you have that grouping of the 1’s in the middle but if u play one less frame this is no longer an issue.For instance or

true, 1st and last are not the same… you’d get a glitch
ie. 6 frame animation > 1 = 7 > …)(1_2_3_4_5_6)(1_2_3_4_5_6)_(…

what you got there is 5 frame animation :wink: