best practice for custom modules?

Hi folks…

I have this Idea … and it requires some programming and a CAD software. I took that as a chance to take a closer look at blender - which looks very promising!

Now I a question, which is probably very easily answered by practiced blender user:

What is a smart way to organize my own python modules. I now just slap them into ~/.blender/scripts. I tried subfolders and symlinking but wasn’t very successfull. Ideally, I’m looking for a solution, that works on Unix and Windows and would be accessible for not-so-technical users. (e.g. I give them a folder, they load into the editor and press “alt-p” or so…)

At first I thought the blender-python-interpreter would look in the directory of the executed script but that seems to be skipped and only sys.path is considered?!