Best practice - From blocking to detail. please advise.

Here is a model i am currently working on. its a star wars scout ship.

Now typically i try to model very exact and worry about geometry & topology from the get go, but i end up getting bogged down and frustrated by it and abandon the model so i took a more blocking first approach this time, I modelled this roughly and fast with little detail, working on the relative scales, position and look etc.

Now i want to begin creating the actual model.

My question is, what workflow does anyone use for this? to essentially model ‘over’ or ‘replace’ basic blocks.

I’m thinking to model it poly by poly with some kind of mesh snap/shrinkwrap…

anyway. any thoughts would be appreciated. check out my WIP to see how i progress.


You already have quite a detail. Here is the image of original hover scooter:

Only thing you are missing is the some bumps and cutouts. You can model everything in detail but you will be talking millions of polygons. Normally you create high definition model, retopo it with shrink wrap to simplify poly count, and bake AO and normal maps so that it renders as if you are looking at high poly model. It really depends on what you want to do with this model.