Best practice on human modelling

[I’m new to blender – so sorry if this question makes no real sense!!!] I’m looking for advice on how best to organise the mesh(es) for a human figure. All the examples I’ve so far seen have the entire skin as one mesh (with vertex groups in some cases). I’m wondering if it’s feasible (desirable??) to keep elements in their own mesh (e.g. head skin in one mesh; torso in another etc …) [i.e. instead of vertex groups, have separate meshes???] and, if so, how best to keep them “joined up” when moved by an armature.

It’s far easier to animate one single big mesh. But if you’re doing a static model, you can use as many meshes as you want.

Thanks for the reply. I guess the “to be implemented” select vert groups will address my need (desire!) for segmentation…