Best practice question

I’m making the famous Sith Lightning in my promo and have tried a few things to get the ferious lightning effect seen in the films. I’ve made a lightning mesh and added halos. I added the build effect and feriously spin in different directions and get a fast spiral effect. It looks okay but a bit dizzying. how is the electric effect made? Anyone made something like this orth than the still mesh with build effect (which looks dumb IMO.)

My not be the answer that you are looking for, but you can make some very nice looking Sith lighting in Adobe After Effects. But I am sure your looking to do it all in Blender. And on top of that AE is not cheap. But you may be able to find an old version cheap.

I’ve heard that. That may be the way to go, I just wanted to do it in Blender. I’ve seen the moving texture option with an animated (nicely colored) marble texture, but it wouldn’t work for the angle I’m using (front view.) Basically I want the lightning to come right at you (camera) from a person standing right in front of you. The spiral effect I have now is okay but not a nice as I’d like. Maybe I’ll have to hand draw it.