Best practice when re-naming Objects & Meshes

This question is about the best practice when re-naming Objects.

When a Mesh Object is renamed, the Mesh Data name does not seem to change along with it. Is there a way to do this in one go ?

Karim Joseph (@karijoart) on the Youtube channel Blender Daily showed a cool trick about swapping meshes with mesh data to replace scattered spheres on a surface with cubes. (Youtube watch ID = lGkWPc7Z6IU). The tutorial used the Mesh tab and the Mesh drop down to swap meshes (instead of using the Make Link shortcut). It was obvious from the tutorial the need to properly name the meshes along with the objects given his workflow of choosing mesh from the list. But Linking Object data with CTRL+L seems to remove the need to properly name the meshes.

Are there any use cases in a blender worflow where this might be important to have Objects and Meshes be given matching appropriate names ?