Best Practices for Managing Large Blender Projects?

I come from a development background and I am very used to managing large software projects in a dev environment using reusable objects, libraries, build scripts, etc. I am wondering how people manage 3d projects in Blender?

For example, if you are making an animation, reusable objects would be props like chairs, cars, whatever. Your main character would be another object you would likely want to work on in a separate .blend file that you would reference from, say, your “movie” project file.

My question, generally, is are there any articles/tutorials on best practices for working on larger “projects” in Blender (or even just more package agnostic information)? I somehow doubt that you would create all of your 3d blockbuster in one big .blend file :slight_smile:


There is reusability built into blender with the append function (Possible to append both a copy of the original or a link to original file)

In terms of version control in a large project, I’d check out the Orange Blender project: