Best practices of saving models/meshes.

I was wondering if you guys/gals create one blend file for each model, or do you have one big blend file with multiple models? What is considered best practices?

One blend file per model. Makes things a bit easier to work on without having to turn off / hide a lot of other stuff, less chance of drastically destroying something forever.

You can get all the same benefits of a big file by appending/linking things.

And one model per file also gives you the flexibility to have a model with multiple meshes with each mesh on a separate layer for ease of editing. Put them all into a group and they’re easier to link/append as well. Of course, it goes without saying that naming each mesh (and the group) for easy identification is a must.

This is a matter of what works best for personal workflow. I have a series of blend files which I use as libraries or warehouises, storing muiltiple rlated models, or related model parts in a single blend file; other blend files contain a discrete project. The decision factor for me is how likely I think it will be that I will want to re-use the object. For example, it takes time to create a double hung window, and I can save that time in the future by saving windows (and doors, too) in a blend file I call “millwork.blend”. So, if I’m creating a building model, and I want a window or door, I can simply append (or in some cases link) it from the millwork.blend file. On the other hand, a project modeling a full building is apt to be in a separate blend file,


Thanks to you all for your answers and the reasons behind them.

Definitely one file per model :), you can grab any by the append command in your new .blend file.

I recommend linking to the model rather than appending it. (Use a relative path.)

In this way, the asset physically occurs only once, and need be changed only once, each change immediately taking effect in every other blend-file that references it.

I’m very adamant about running OS/X Time Machine backups constantly, but, over and above that, I also keep numerous zip-files containing previous versions of … well … everything.

Certainly, there are exceptions to every rule. I do have some library-files that contain more than one “stock part.” An assortment of this-or-thats, including one simply named “Bric-a-brac.”

Incidentally, everything is grouped, and typically what I am linking to is a particular group.

The most important thing that you’ll need, in a project of any size, is consistency, and library-linking is a real big part of that.