Best practices: Super low poly characters for animation (Rigify)

Hi everyone,

lately (actually for several months) I’ve been working on ideas for an animation style with very low poly characters, which I want to rig with Rigify (for convenience). So far it works really well and I dig the style I’m creating. My goal is to have the characters as low poly and simple as possible while still maintaining a distinct look. Think PSX and N64 maybe.

However, I’m not the greatest modeler and have trouble creating something that will not break (at least a bit) when rigged. I’ve chosen Spider-Man as my test model, because he needs to stretch quite a bit. :wink:

Are there any tutorials out there on VERY low poly characters and how to best construct the mesh for animation? I have not found anything yet.

Example from me:

Example from PSX game:

make sure you add some extra geometry where there are a lot of deformation such as sholders.

also, you might dig this style:

Thanks, I guess that is actually the main thing to look out for. :slight_smile:

I like the style but it’s not quite what I wanna do. I tried this kind of “poly statue” direction as well in my tests however.