Best RAM

Hey, I’m buying new ram specifically for blender sculpting. I’ve narrowed it down to:
128gb (4x32gb) 3600mhz @ cl16 or
64gb (4x16gb) 3600mhz @ cl14
So the question is faster ram or more ram.
Any help is appreciated :slight_smile:

Do you ever monitor your RAM usage in general? How much RAM do you usually occupy when sculpting? And one more question, very important. What’s the rest of the system? CPU and motherboard, basically.

I want to sculpt at high poly counts and I read that blender eats ram, I currently have 32gb and have maxed it out a few times. I have a crosshair dark hero 8 and a 5950x

Imo, go for 4x16gb=64 of the faster RAM, i.e. the one with the lower cache latency. AMD cpus need high frequencies and tight latencies to perform optimally. Then, CL16 isn’t so much slower than CL14. I don’t know. 128gb seem a lot for just sculpting, but I’m not an expert in sculpting. I thought archviz projects eat more RAM. I went for 64gb and I’m quite happy with them.

Nice system, by the way :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you for your help :slight_smile: I think I will go for the lower latency :stuck_out_tongue: