Best raytracer...

(seval) #1

Just an opinion poll…for around 1000 USD… anyone have any opinions on the best raytracer for a WindowsXP machine ?

(cohort) #2

Download POV-ray and use your $1000 for something else, like a render farm…

(Jamesk) #3

How about FinalRender for 730 euros?

(Timonides) #4

I agree with cohort…

Go download POVRAY for windows and use the 1000 USD for a renderfarm…


(PowerMacG4) #5

But if you want a total package Lightwave 3d, raytacer rocks plus it has a skytracer. around $1200 and $300 for education version.

(kos) #6

lightwave’s renderer is best among the built-in raytracers in 3d-aps i think.

(PowerMacG4) #7

Not to put Blender down, but I’m saving up to build a Lightwave 3D workstation. Getting tired of moving between machines. :wink:

(Pablosbrain) #8

Lightwave is a great app… I’m still using blender as well… just got a Radeon 9700pro and blender and lightwave work great… unfortunatley there are still some radeon driver bugs… I’m emailling back and forth with ati to resolve the one that causes Wings3D to die.
Get lightwave if your looking for an all in one package. Its a great piece of software… and I believe they have some good deals goin on now for $995 or something like that.

(Goofster) #9

Kos. XSI’s renderer is just a bit better then Lightwave’s raytracer :slight_smile:
btw, 100 dollars for a renderfarm? better buy 1 good PC with a decent CPU to render…


(ScottishPig) #10

Take a look from life, virtualight and povray are both very formidable renderers that cost something less than uhhh… well, they’re FREE.

This is the age of the free raytracer- hell- if you want to be adventurous, there are hundreds of abandoned raytracers that you could spruce up yourself.

Why waste money?!?! Bloody stinken hell!

(mrmunkily) #11

A renderer is only as good as its application integration (not everyone can do magic with text files) and in this respect lightwave (and XSI and PRman) win out.

(Haunted-House) #12

I got the chance to try out XSI for a while, it has the best renderer in my opinion BUT, it will put a $10,000+ dent in your wallet. :stuck_out_tongue:

(Jamesk) #13

Yup, and that would be the problem if you should go with Final Render as I suggested. It seems it’s currently only available for 3DSMAX users… And, by God, you don’t wanna go there… :slight_smile:

(macke) #14

A renderer is only as good as its application integration (not everyone can do magic with text files) and in this respect lightwave (and XSI and PRman) win out.

XSI has a seamless integration with Mental Ray, which in my opinion is only beaten by PRMan in quality and/or speed. So, if you want a package with a great renderer that is completely integrated, try XSI. Of course, the pricetag isn’t $1000, but if it smells, it costs.

Example with mental ray: I was trying out the new features in XSI 3 and also the new version of Mental Ray it included. The rendering of a scene with subpixel displacement mapping, image based lighting using HDRI and with a scene containing aprox. 160000 polygons rendered in under 20 seconds on a dual PIII 800 Mhz, 512 mb ram machine. Of course, the quality wasn’t production quality, but it was way better than any preview one could hope for. So, if speed is of the essance as well as integration, go for XSI.

(mrmunkily) #15

Is the student Version of XSI 3 still ~$400

I may very well get it… I have often preached the advantages of integration (It’s not exactly rocket science to determine that integration = (less time farking with exports) + (more time doing real stuff) + (Easier to use new capabilites))

Yhea, go with XSI if you are seriously considering it.
Don’t touch mentalray alone though… If you must grab a standalone renderer, PRMan 11 is out! that ones gopt 'tracing and GI. I don’t know about pricing, but I think it’s not that much over $1000 _? can anyone who knows confirm or call BS on this?

(BMD) #16

this’ll be my 4th time asking this question on elysiun, my export script from blender into VLightGUI says “error:no module named os”

What the heck is that?
and is it taboo-ed so that no-one answers me?



(paradox) #17

error no module named os is usually a python path problem. Search python path in questions and answers or python forum this has been addressed mucho times.
Also what python are you using, there are instructions in the Virtualight python path on changes to make to the script depending on which version you are using.
Also go to the top of your blender screen until you get the double arrow and pull down, then make sure your python path is set up correctly in Blender.

(theeth) #18

try following the PythonPath setting mini-tut I posted there:


(BMD) #19

ok, that fixed that problem, but now i get this:

Traceback (most recent call last):
File “”, line 9, in ?
File c:/Python22/Lib/”, line 27, in ?
from sre import*
File “c:/Python22/Lib/”, line 97, in ?
import sre_compile
File “c:/Python22/Lib/”, line 13, in ?
import _sre,sys
ImportError: No module named _sre

Any ideas?


by the way, i’m using the blender tutorial on how to export to vlight gui file.

(macke) #20

More like $5k at least.