Best Recording Tool For Blender

Hello! I’ve come to ask what you think is the best (free) recording software to use for Blender as i’m thinking about making speed model tutorials at some point. I recently tried camtasia but by the end of the recording the file size was 4gb and can not be played in anything i tried (assuming it’s corrupted or something…grr). Any help?

Blender already has a built-in screencast tool: Window->Make Screencast (Alt-F3)
Before recording, set the output options first to h.264, and set to lossless quality. Play around with the settings. Make certain to record at a legal h.264 screen width and height (for example, 1920x1080, or 1280x720 - otherwise nothing will be recorded).

Import into the video sequencer to export to a smaller screen size, and do some editing, if required.