Best Render Settings For Baking?

Could anyone recommend the best render settings for baking aimed at video game assets?

The settings I have are still leaving pixels at 4K with not that much zooming in. Often my baked textures are looking speckled in-game and in render mode but I think that may be down to my GPU.

I have gone ahead and smart unwrapped all the assets on to one UV Map but it’s the baking process that leaving out a lot of detailing at 4K.

Thanks in advance

Baked Texture Quality Factors


Low sampling can cause even high image resolution sizes such as 4k to look low quality if your sampling rate is set to a low value.

Image Interpolation Type

If you’re baking textures (besides materials and/or meshes), interpolation type Closest I would suggest be set to help perverse the up-scaling (or down-scaling) of the original textures.

Image Size

  • Baked image resolution size really matters. If you attempt to bake a 1024x1024 sized texture to a 8192x8192 sized texture, it’s going to look up-scaled and pixelated. Similarly, if you attempt to go from a higher sized texture such as 8192x8192 to a texture size such as 1024x1024, it’s going to look down-scaled and blurry.


Image Format

  • Some image formats preserve better quality then others. For example you should almost always use PNG over JPEG for best quality.

  • Image settings such as Color Depth and Compression can really make a difference in some scenarios.

Brilliant! Thank you!