Best render so far - Architecture Interior

Hi guys,

this is my latest personal project. I tried the “new” Dynamic Range view looking for more realism and this is the result.
I think this is my best render so far but I want to hear your comments in order to improve my work.

Shoutout to Nico Pignataro who showed me this great stuff.


Please expand. You mean this? Or something already in master that I’ve missed?

As a personal feedback I say that there is something in the relatioship between composition and focus that disturbs my eyes and stops me from going more in depth this pic.
But maybe it’s just me.

The most realistic render I’ve ever seen.

That’s exactly what I meant. :wink:

Thanks for your feedback! I will take it into consideration for next project. I think maybe the window’s white are driving too much attention.

Thanks again!

thanks MZGarmi, I think you’ve missed a lot of renders :yes:

Joni, great and wonderful project! Congratulations Babe! :slight_smile:

It seems a extremely confortable sofa. I want one.

Thanks for your comments and your rate. This is the last angle. I could improve this project creating a balcony or elevating the wall from the floor. But I choose to leave it here and move on. Learn from this.

IMHO the weakest point is the camera/composition. On the first one the camera is too low - even lower than the dining table - it is not very common to show the bottom of the table :slight_smile:
The second has really weird focusing - huge portion of the image is taken by those two vases (and they are placed in the golden ratio) but they are blurred.
The table shot is one of the most boring interior shot I’ve ever seen. The interior design is not about one single table. It is about the room, about the space. You don’t show that by making a close up of the table.
From those three shots I have no idea how the room looks like. I miss some wide shots that would show me the room from the eyes of a standing man.

I don’t know why do you say the first, because it’s too low is bad composed.
The second one I am just blurring the foreground.
The third, being the most boring, its my best render so far.

Thanks a lot for your comments. I won’t stop improving so one day can pull of a great render.

Good work Sensei :yes:

It’s very nice! Did you use a HDR for the background?

thanks Warcos! always great to see you over here!

I’ve always used HDRI, but since I re-discovered Sky Texture, I am hooked to it and works fine to me. thanks!

Is that the one by Andrew Price?

no, it’s this one:

it works very good in cycles.

Oh, that sky texture. Do you use it to light your scene?

Yes! I found that sky texture for interiors works just fine.

Very good work, Joni. Congratulations.

Thanks Jose! Just for fun I took a one last shoot!