Best renderer

Hi guys,
I am new to blender and i started modeling and rendering few weeks back. Could any one tell me which is the best renderer for blender?(time effective and realistic) i already tried Yafaray. i am getting nice result. but it is taking a lot of time to render(High quality).

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Well i usually use yafaray, bt u culd use povray, luxrender. The blender 2.53 beta render nt that ‘bad’ lol. U shuld post suma u work soon budi.

I think blender 2.53 internal render is very good. But it always depends on how your scene is set up, at all different levels, meshes, materials, textures, lights…

Thanx frnds for the reply…
@Corex_hdr I already Posted one work of mine in the forum. Here is the link

Can any one provide some nice tutorials for blender internal rendering?