Best Ruggedized Laptop

Evil Moon MOose computer tantrum got me to thinking, seeing how oil is above $110 and traders think it will get to $175, the government’s on the brink of a shut down, our economy has collapsed so much that we can’t even pay the interest on our debt, and someone in the world may very well bring a war to our doorstep and kick our butts (rightfully so no doubt), what is the best ruggedized laptop for the cheapest price? Even if the world doesn’t come to a complete collapse, I got to say, some of the ones I’ve seen look pretty cool and I could always pretend I’m in TV show Jericho and and end up being that weird crazy dude that every town has.

I don’t exactly where you are coming from dude. Yet if the shit does hit the fan, a computer will not be of much use to you at all. First off, how are you going to power it? I might suggest getting some firearms and ammo. Then stockpile your foodstuffs. Prepare to ride the wave if you know what I mean.

Lol, honestly dude, I’m ten steps ahead of you on that front, I’m working on a massive digital database right now “collecting info” and what not. I can always charge batteries via handcrank, solar, wind, water devices. In the mean time, this is something I found interesting, btw, I’m a Linux user:

Found that on a website for ruggedized laps that use Lin.


lack i think you should in see a doctor it seems that you have verbal diariea.

This coming from the man who could not finish my name lol. Please explain what you mean, I swore not once in this whole thread.

well jack you are criticizing evil moon mouse for destroying his laptop where as his post was just for fun. There have to be sacrifices for fun.

PEACE JACK. since you are such a Linux lover. Could i run Linux on my laptop. Will it make sense? better performance?

I bet you could, Linux is the king of OS’s. Linux makes perfect sense, it’s lightning fast, more reliable and it’s super hard to get a virus on it. I personally fin Mr. Evil Moon MoOse to be pretty entertaining, he’s kinda like I was when I was a kid.

do you know VMware. it is a virtual machine and i could run Linux on it without a double boot

i’m trying to come up with a “Self-Sustaining” generator using nothing more than a motor, a coil of wire, and a magnet on the end of a piston. may not work in reality because i’ve never built it. but i have a .blend file of the theory somewhere on my computer (using the BGE):D.

I’m way ahead of you there, also solved the friction problem. plan to paten my design. also figure out a way to create the same device, except without magnets. Here’s a tip for you though, use neodynium magnets, some of the strongest I’ve found.

hmmmmmm…well, it was worth a shot. i think i’ll try to come up with a diagram as to how mine worked in another thread. maybe we can both come up with something:D. just my advice is this: when you sell it (if you do), don’t make it cost too much.

I don’t plan on selling it, I plan on renting the devices out for $30 a month, so if you could average $1 a day you can have electricity. So let’s say roughly half of the U.S. population are adults (150,000,000) that’s $4.5 billion a month, $54 billion a year. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

reasonable enough i guess. i only said that because they come out with these green eco things, a few people get all over everybody else because they are still using the “non-environmental” methods and the reason why those people don’t use the ENV stuff is because they cost too much (in theory that is ).
i guess that will work. now if only the concept works.

Yeah, I just hope my device works, it’d be absolutely amazing if it could put out 3kwh at 210amps, Just think, you could have a swamp cooler in every room in the house going 24/7 and you’d never have to worry about an electric bill more than $30 a month. most people spend around $200 a month on average for electricity, at least here in the south in the spring.

And with each device I rent out I would send them a dvd sort of explaining how the device works. Sort of like opensource electricity lol.