Best settings for A37


I am using a Sony A37 and keep trying to use the video I take in the video editor for tracking. However, I always seem to have problems and it never works.
It’s not the interlaced footage problem.
I’m just hoping I can get some help with figuring out which settings to set on the camera and other tips for tracking I can use with the camera.
Also, the main problem i’m having is that the tracking points all end up being on a 2d surface instead of 3d.
Is it better to use freehand?

You have to turn image stabilization off on the camera itself. There were lots of problems with that in a compositing contest here a few years back. Stabilized footage is nearly impossible to track.

What camera data are you using? According to thespecs, you can use the a55 preset (sw 23.4, & use lens fl)

Make sure your shots have enough perspective shift to give the solver something to work with