best settings for quadro?

Hi. I got a used workstation-class laptop with some killer power but it has a Quadro video card, which I read is probably not worth the investment for Blender usage. But I have no choice here.
So…does anyone know what settings will optimize my viewport, interface, and/or GPU-rendering performance?
Win 10, i7, 8GB ram.
Quadro 5000m with 2 G video ram.
-based on Fermi
-supports OpenGL 4.0, Shader 5.0, DirectX 11

I know it has a slower clock and only about 350 cores but what can I do to max it out?
BTW, if you know a good utility to test performance (relevant to Blender) it would be easier to trial-and-error this myself.

I was thinking system settings like Windows Draw Method, VBOs, etc that may respond differently for the Quadro series vs the Geforce series. So far all I can find is: clocking is lower, fewer cores, optimized for OpenGL. That latter is good and the first two will obviously render slower for GPGPU. I had a pro card a long time ago and what I was told is that certain OpenGL functions in the pro cards are implemented in hardware, and that the drivers are more robust and specifically tuned for specific versions of high-end CAD programs like Maya, Solidworks, Pro-Engineer, etc (crashing is not acceptable when paying somebody $80/hr for CAD work)