Best Short Films

What are the best short films you’ve seen? Which ones stirred up emotion in you?

For me this is the saddest:

Made me tear up the first time I watched it

Some light comedy to cheer you up after that

Not quite what you expected?

And something a little thought-provoking. Some of it seems quite near-future to me.

And finally, a rather long, but interesting science fiction exploration (with twist)

And, to end off, what 3D modelling could be in the future (and a great story)

I enjoyed Wolfsong and Plurality, thank you for sharing them!
As for my favourite shorts, for me “Rain Town” was quite different and interesting, but you have to watch a few times I guess.

For best animation, though, “Duet” is one of the most impressive, but of course it’s by Glen Keane so that is little surprise. (: