Best Sigraph 2011 photo. Must see :)

I think this is the best Sigraph 2011 photo so far:

“Autodesk thinks people shouldn’t blend in.” What do you think?

ah good to see Ton sells Blender to Autodesk, because with this we will get many-many new features!!!

we need more features!!!

LOL! Hilarious!

Btw. looking good boys!

Heh yep, that’s an instant classic!

lol. “don’t blend in”.

I think 1-2 more years. Blender is going to eat a big chuck of their pie.

Ultimate WOOT, haha.

Blender is going to win the 3D race. More and more companies are picking it up, it’s free and its awesome. Go Blender!

that, sir, was unexpected!!!

haha the booth was on that PDF Ton had for slideshow. neat :smiley: I think Autodesk is starting to notice Blender. On there was that blogger who switched from 3dsmax to blender and was happy.

Blender got one thing money can’t buy. A nice scene :slight_smile:

I laughed my ass off
great pic

Whoever did this slogan must have been a Blender friend. Nice one. :slight_smile:

Yeah, great photo!

BTW, it seems that Autodesk specifically targeted Blender with that (very unoriginal and negative) MacDonald line. This was confirmed by some of the Autodesk guys at the booth when asked. See the discussion at Luxology:

Really, Autodesk? Starting to feel the pressure from that one little open source app that you CANNOT buy like the others? What a bunch of douche-bags.

Siggraph was a great experience. The Blender booth was awesome! And a lot of people were very interested in Blender. At one point during a demo at the Pixology booth I got to talk to yet another randomly met Blender user. It’s great to see how Blender’s footprint is getting bigger and bigger, even in ‘professional’ circles. At least, that’s the vibe I got from Siggraph.

PS it was kinda funny to see how people could just grab a cd at the Blender booth to take home - with a full 3d package on it - while all the other booths were doing their utmost to sell their software to potential customers. Just cool, and somehow strangely liberating :wink:

Do blend in. FBX out.

When will Autodesk start with dirty tricks against blender?

It’s just a joke, don’t fizz yourselves.

Reminds me of this picture:


:slight_smile: lol it’s Linus Torvalds
Very awesome the autodesk one also :smiley:

That´s very funny :slight_smile:
Captain Ton and his friends, fighting for the open-source against the giant Autodesk!

lets blend in! :smiley:

thanks for the laugh fellas! go blender!