Best software for BGE recording?

Hi, i want to record some videos from my game blender project. What is best software for this? I know “Fraps” but that is commercial i think and in demo version can record only 30 secs. Please, can you advice me?

What OS do you use?

Presuming you’re on windows,
There’s fraps and bandicam (popular)

Presuming you’re on Mac,
There’s screenium and screenflow (popular)

Thanks! I have windows. Is “Bandicam” free? without limits?

Camstudio works fine for me.

Not sure, I have a Mac.
Just use Google?

yeah, i google it, but on that page is information about it little chaotic… But nevermind, i download and try it.

Bandicam can be used for free with a Limit of 10 Minutes and a Watermark atop the Video, but it can run very smoothly and recordswith very little Memory Usage (other than Fraps (edit: or Hypercam)).

You can also use HyperCam. It’s totally free and records quite well. IMO it’s better then Fraps which runs terrible on my Laptop.

You could also try Taksi. I’ve played with it a little and it works better than Camstudio for recording games. However, I haven’t tried HyperCam, Frabs or Bandicam. If you decide to play with Taksi, make sure to go to the SourceForge page and get a newer version (the 0.7.6 on the home page is outdated).