best sport in the world

college football
how about you tell me

Hurling. Not throwing up after beer, but the Irish sport.

Ball can travel at about 100mph, and players catch it with bare hands!!!

Well, Razorbacks are a religion around here.

But I’d rather watch Superbike racing, it’s poetry in motion.

Go Gators!!!

Football reminds me of pizza and beer.

Yum… mmm… ‘crunch’

Football/soccer/futbol/calcio/whatever else you like to call it - besides being the most popular sport in the world it is also the BEST (in my opinion).

Muay Thai , amazing to watch and some of the hardest training you will come across :yes:

I think curling is the best. There is even a song about it.

Interesting, you’re the first curling fan I ever heard of. :smiley:

Handball. Fun to play and fun to watch.

we are talking about American foot ball

Gladiator games, best thing to watch. Yes they still exist…


I’m not such a sport freak (I have my own ways to get my dailey movement :wink: (not that way pervert!)), but I’ve always been fascinated by the way the NBA presented basketball. If I will visit the U.S, I really want to see an NBA game live.

When I bought my current car, it had a bumper sticke on it that said “Curling rocks!”

My personal favorite is Mixed Martial Arts or American Football.

If enought people reply to this thread, the outcome should statistically be soccer though.

Think it would be cricket actually. I’ve heard that it’s still incredibly popular in India, Pakistan and most places the Brits owned at some point.

My personal favourite is hockey.


That is it.


I believe it, my nephew and his wife are very into fighting with real steel swords in tourneys.

Football reminds me of silly money - mmmm…merchandise and football fans = money for me! :slight_smile: