best texture software?

hi everybody

i was wondering which texture software i could use best.
i want a programm were i can easily make my own seamless textures.
and i also want to make seamles textures from photos
i found texture maker but it isn’t developed anymore.
nobody knows what happened to the programmer.
they just stopped developing.


Well, you can make seamless textures from photos with The Gimp (at least, in the latest versions).

There are also some programs made specificaly for that purpose, but, they’re not free, & they don’t appear to do much else.

So I recomend you The Gimp. :yes:

Yes, the Gimp is great, specially with the “resynthesizer” plugin:

Yes, the GIMP is cool, but besides the resynthesizer plugin, there is also the Texturize plugin.

Here is a short tutorial I wrote a while ago on how to make seamless textures with it:

There’s something about that resynthesize algorithm that doesn’t sit well with me though, the tears it puts in the image.

You should try MapZone, it’s free and it’s very powerful after you work your way through the learning curve.